[-U.S. Green Cards-] [-Doostyabi-]
Pepsi Factory in Iraq!
when pepsi who is now also into making bottled water
said it would be back in iraq manufacturing it didnt
think is would be like this!

These picture show illegal fake pepsi manufactuing!
from "cleaning", "manufacturing" and "distribution"
Under these sanitary conditions deseases are sure
to be abound.

Here is the original news release about the
real pepsi going back into iraq:
Pepsi products will again be appearing on
store shelves in Iraq for the first time since
1990 in an agreement with PepsiCo International
and Baghdad Soft Drinks Co.

Baghdad Soft Drinks Co. will produce and
distribute Pepsi-Cola, Seven-Up and Mirinda
soft drink brands in a deal expected to
generate 2,000 new jobs at the Iraqi soft
drink company over the next few years.

An extensive marketing effort will promote
the brands as well as new bottle designs with
contemporary graphics, PepsiCo said.

Pepsi and Iraq have had a relationship that
dates back to 1950 when the brand launched.
In 1990, Pepsi halted business in Iraq after
U.S. and international trade sanctions barred
trade with the country, the company said.
Those sanctions were lifted in May 2003.

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